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Tokyohot n0448 Smell of alkalinity Maoko Otani

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This is the time of “World Tonetsu satellite” of the business news. The caster is me Maoko Otani. I am a beautiful woman and the famous university graduate. I am intelligent and her style is also more preeminent. I enchant male viewers. However the commentator is only an obscene topic and commentator’s men are nakedness. Does such a men understand politics and economy?Oh! Is this not the business news program? Is this a cum live video?However I am not confused. I will be able to show my great fucking posture to the world.On air Maoko starts talking about economy. However the commentator tells an indecent story only. Then the commentator begins to grope the body of Maoko in front of the TV camera. The bust is caressed and Maoko resists. Maoko relays her own acts. Her pussy is opened completely. The pussy is licked hard.Then the finger is inserted into the pussy deeply. Maoko can not relay this because she has an acme. Then Maoko suck the cock hard and deep. Her calm expression is distorted. Then the cock is inserted into the pussy in the standing back posture. Her one leg is lifted high. It is a connecting part full view. Then the deep missionary posture make Maoko a hard acme. Then the commentator has cum in her pussy.Maoko is tired. However work is Monday to Friday. The next day two commentators are nakedness on air. Maoko says it is something wrong.But they cannot hear her. They starts to strip off clothes of Maoko. Her pussy is licked hard. They put the finger into the pussy intensely.Then the big dildo is inserted into the pussy. The pussy cannot say anything.Of course urethral openings and the anus are exposed. The pussy cannot say anything. Then the electric massage machine is pushed on her pussy. Maoko cannot endure any more. Maoko shouts by a terrific face. Live telecast is impossible. Then Cuzco is inserted and the womb is exposed. Then the finger fucking makes her crazy. Maoko urinates finally with standing posture. It is terrible amount of urination.After that Maoko sucks 3 cocks with a large amount of slaver. Maoko lost the dignity of man. Her face is foolish. Then the big cock is inserted into her pussy at standing back posture. The hard fucking is going from the woman top posture to missionary posture. Then the cock makes “cum inside”. Maoko licks semen that flows backward and says “Smell of alkalinity”. This comment is adequate. It is not useless that she graduated from the prestigious university. Then 2nd cock is inserted into her pussy at deep missionary posture. And it is “cum inside”. Then 3rd cock is also inserted into her pussy at deep missionary posture and it makes “cum inside”. Then her pussy is exposed to the limit. However this live does not end. Many viewers rush to the studio. Maoko is restrained by them. Their cocks rush to her pussy. They make 5 of “cum inside” at back posture. Then they make another 5 of “cum inside” at missionary posture. A large amount of semen drips from Maoko’s pussy. After this Maoko is named “Manko” (Manko is meaning Pussy in Japanese). She is acting in the TV station in Europe and America now. Because her pussy has been enhanced to the size of Europe and America. It is too big for Japanese cock…

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July 10, 2009
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