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Tokyohot n0444 The Group Insult Mayu Fujishiro

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MAYU FUJISHIRO of beautiful woman floats the erotic atmosphere from a whole body. The secretary was only a name and MAYU is president’s mistress though it was almost neat and the woman with clear brain was fit for the president secretary. MAYU who makes making a living in the world well only by using the pussy is really foolish slut who is despising the world. Please leave the processing of such foolish slut to the TOKYO HOT. It is natural that the woman who brags beyond one’s means is bullied by absurdity. Thus it is the end after all if got tired even if a stupid woman does it importantly. The spectacle to which the foolish slut falls is delightful no matter how it sees. The customer is gathered and a regular meeting about the contract is held in the company where MAYU serves as the president secretary. However the meeting is only a name and the content is pressing of a one-sided unreasonable demand from the president to the customer. Even if business suppliers who is reduced a delivery price to the limit hardly pay the profit they cannot refuse it because the weakness is being grasped by the president. MAYU is composure beside the president and sits down. It is obviously clear that MAYU got president secretary’s seat under pretense of love. The business suppliers got anger for the president but also accumulate greed to MAYU who is incompetence but has a nice body. It is the night of day with meeting. MAYU is secretly meeting with the president in the usual spot. She is made hearing president secretary’s knowledge while the pubic hair’s being shaved. MAYU changes completely with the attitude to the trader and she is obedient for the president earnestly. The clitoris is groped and attacked by vibs toy after under hair is shaved. Labia meat is immediately congested and it is enlarged. In the next she is made deep kiss in the state that both hands are bound and she was hung by a ceiling. Immediately after finger fuck is made and the joy juice gushes from the pussy. An obscene sound sounded. And the vibs toy inserted at standing back pose. The piston is intensely done and she is made acme. MAYU who got on a body of the president licks the nipple after deep kiss and suck the cock. It is the indecent caress that understood the key point where a man is comfortable. And then inserted cock at woman on top posture. Anal of a little opening is also obscene. And then it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. A lovely hole extends greatly. In the next day MAYU open the meeting. MAYU tries to press the contract strongly though traders entreat that raise the delivery price. However there is a report that the president died of the accident. The traders’ demands escalate and the attitude changes suddenly into MAYU who lost president’s support though everyone is surprised and becomes silent momentarily. MAYU is pressed and can not judge what she can do and is panicky. The secretary of the merit only the body cannot be able to judge it. And MAYU is suppressed and is made taking off clothes and is made open leg pose. The stocking is broken and she is made taking off the panty. Traders get excited between shaved groins and inserted vibs toy after made finger fuck. In addition MAYU who attacked clitoris with electric massage machine feels much it while ejaculates. Immediately after Cuzco is inserted and the uterine ostium is exposed. And MAYU sucked trader’s cock politely one by one by fellatio. Just after that cock inserted at back posture. She is stirred in the vagina at backward woman on top woman on top and side posture and vaginal cum shot is made bending posture. Immediately after second cock inserted and injected semen at back posture. The third cock inserted at once and made vaginal cum shot at side posture. In addition forth cock inserted at missionary posture. The trader’s employees want to start pouring semen on a saucy secretary and gather at the time of being fucking. They begin to squeeze cock and splash the semen on after another to the face of MAYU. The semen of eight totals hits the face directly. The following semen is immediately poured though MAYU who is covered all over the face by the semen wipes semen by the hand. And forth cock that being made piston while facial cum shot made vaginal cum shot. MAYU is painted semen all over the face and become the hyperpnoea state. Is she all right? It does not matter because she the woman who is not necessary any longer. Last is a power full marks image where the facial cum shot is caught with the close up photography camera. The expression seriously disliked is a viewpoint. There are still many needless sluts on the earth even if one pussy slut is disposed. The TOKYO HOT will continue slut hunting aggressively in future.

Rates : 2


June 26, 2009
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