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Tokyohot n0441 The Bakunyuu Nanako Sakurai

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NANAKO SAKURAI who is the owner of the nice body as it is a shame to make it a teacher was captured. It is a plump burr in the vagina that attracts a brute’s attention though the dynamite tits with the tension is attractive too. The inserted cock is strongly wrapped and it more than anything else. It is certainly an excellent hole. After tying the whole body with the rope and making her not able to move it deliberately satisfied pussy. Students in the school which heard a rumor of the excellent hole flocks and it is form a line. It is basic to taste the highest body together. NANAKO witnesses the student of the dropout being bullied and stops it immediately. The dropout was always tormented for a slowpoke but only the cock is huge for some reason. NANAKO praises a large cock and beings to grope it even if she manages to encourage it somehow. And she sucks gladly. She is an awful erotic teacher. Immediately after it is found by other students and fellatio is interrupted. NANAKO hurriedly faces the following class. It is full of the topic that NANAKO sucked the cock of the student in the class. NANAKO is abused as an erotic teacher and not taught. And she is enclosed by students and is suppressed. Students’ anger is terrific and NANAKO is bound the whole body with the rope. In addition clothes are stripped off and she is made taking off socks and the panty too. Immediately after pussy & anal is greatly opened by standing back style. The joy juice has already dripped from pussy. It is a masochist constitution as well as a erotic teacher. It is a thing unworthy of the clergy. It is necessary to humiliate her thoroughly. In the next she is screwed a vibs toy into the pussy. And she is fixed with adhesive tape with it having been inserted a vibs toy and she is left as it is. Only voice of NANAKO to pant as groaning and the sound of the vibs toy affect to the classroom to which everyone is gone. NANAKO who suffers from the stimulation of the vibs toy while drooling is immediately before the limit. One of the students who humiliated NANAKO approaches just after that and the rope is untied. Although she thought that she was saved cock is put in mouth of NANAKO. A cock is inserted in the pussy after it having been done a piston intensely. NANAKO cannot move and she is in the state of meat urinal for only fucking. And the cock is inserted by standing back when thinking that the rope of the leg was finally unpicked. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after it is intensely stirred in the vagina. Immediately after other students also return to the classroom and NANAKO is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. In addition it is rotor & vibs attack. NANAKO is stimulated intensely and ejaculates. The pussy extends greatly and is cruel. And she is made to female ejaculation by finger fuck. NANAKO is licked the pussy immediately after female ejaculation and ejaculates again. Two electric massage machines are continuously pressed between groins and she rages intensely & shouts and she is driven in to the limit. She made female ejaculation again even a finger fuck just after that. And then Cuzco is inserted. Students get excited by vagina road of obscene shape and wet uterine ostium in joy juice. And the cock is thrown in the mouth and NANAKO is made fellatio. Tits rub service is compelled many times at the same time. Then cock inserted at missionary posture. Piston made at bending side and back posture and vaginal cum shot was made at backward woman on top posture. Immediately after second cock injected semen at missionary posture. Then third cock inserted and made vaginal cum shot. Just after that the big cock of a dropout jeered at by other students is inserted. Then semen is injected after made piston severely. The pussy become loosely. However it has not ended yet. Other students gather too and inserted cock one after another in the pussy of NANAKO of lift hip pose and they made vaginal cum shot. Pussy into which semen of five totals is poured is drenched. Immediately after she is attacked with the electric massage machine and ejaculates. NANAKO rages while scattering the cloudiness joy juice and the backflow semen. The last she squats down in the classroom and made PISS SHOT. A large amount of urination is excreted to the floor spending time. Immediately after she cleaned a floor where is made dirty with own urine. It is a miserable woman. After this NANAKO is picked up by a certain showman though she is dismissed the school and is turned adrift. She lives scantily while doing vulgar work with the skill to fly a blowgun dart by pussy as a show by using an excellent hole now. She is pleased and seems to blow a blowgun dart far more than always when the big coco student comes to see.

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June 16, 2009
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