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Tokyohot n0434 The Lewd Interview Ayumi Inoue

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AYUMI INOUE who is a serious & neat college woman was captured. The woman is a calm character in the Kansai provincialism. It is a woman who has the hurting effect. The woman goes to Tokyo from Kansai in search of a workplace. The body that stimulates the appetite is immediately marked down by the devil and she will be humiliated though she works hard that do not use the connection and obtain the informal decision by own power. The spectacle that lovely & beauty pussy is broken is must see. As soon as devils understood that she is quiet and cannot oppose they torment her seriously and it is beyond one’s control! AYUMI who is looking for a job tell father that she is going to find the job in Tokyo and goes to Tokyo. AYUMI refuses joining a company using father’s connection power and determines the thing that works hard only by own power. However such a woman alone doesn’t have the forte at all and cannot do anything. The informal decision cannot be taken though she visit many company and next one is sixth companies. Then AYUMI only appeals for the motivation and interviewer’s feeling is not good either. It seemed whether she is let leave immediately but she is ordered to take a medical examination in the appointment Hospital of the company. AYUMI is pleased to get the informal decision if by any chance and faces the hospital. However it was an unexpected erotic doctor who attended. AYUMI is asked lewd thing as physiology cycle number of experiences and so on and groped the body. Socks are tearing and it is made taking off the panty too after she is laid by the examination table. And it is finger fuck. Then cock inserted in the mouth. AYUMI who wants the informal decision cannot oppose though she is made to suck against her will. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The cloudiness joy juice gushes immediately from the pussy when piston continues at woman on top and bending posture. It gets excited by the appearance to pant shamefully. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The expression to which AYUMI is perplexed is impressive. And it is the interview hall again. The aptitude test is done to AYUMI who safely passed the medical check. AYUMI is immediately enclosed by three men and the whole body is groped and the pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose. Cuzco is suddenly inserted in a lovely pussy without caress. AYUMI desperately endures shame to which the uterine ostium is exposed. And it is rotor & vibs toy attack. After the clitoris is intensely stimulated the vibs toy is inserted. The joy juice overflows from the pussy and the pant voice gradually loud too. In the next vibs toy inserted at crawl on all fours pose. The piston is done many times and the pussy is enhanced. In addition two electric massage machines are held at the same time in the open leg pose and she ejaculates. And she goes into convulsions the lower half of the body and got acme. It is the final aptitude test that AYUMI who appealed for excellence of sensitivity faces continuously. The cock is put in the mouth and it is standing fellatio. Another two is pointed at the presence and she corresponds promptly by hand job service. She appeals the quick judgment that important for the work. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. Many cock inserted one after another and the piston is done by various posture as backward woman on top woman on top and back posture. The hand job service and the sucking continue while the pussy is being stirred. Handling multiple jobs at the same time is also basic of the company employee. AYUMI completely retrieves disadvantage point in the interview by the aptitude test. The story that there is a super new face extends to in-house and other students who had come for interview while looking for a job gather to want also to see her by all means. And AYUMI is made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture while being stared by students. The second cock inserted at missionary posture at once and semen injected after severely stirs. Immediately after third cock inserted and hard piston continues at the missionary posture. Students ejaculate in face of AYUMI one after another at the same time as fucking. The semen of four totals is poured on AYUMI. And third cock also made vaginal cum shot. A lovely pussy is greatly enhanced. Immediately after the semen of the face is rubbed all over the face. After the fact AYUMI remains silent though the informal decision is informed. She may feels like weeping for the emotion. After AYUMI joins a company she is assigned to research facilities in the company. AYUMI repeats the advantageous qualification of second category semen handler’s study for reemployment and on-the-job training of vaginal cum shot every day while handling daily work. It seems to be a dream in the future to establish a meat urinal institution by her-self.

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May 22, 2009
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